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A desire for a unique and wild look? Adopt the snake style! It combines elegance, femininity and authenticity. The snake jewellery, the snakeskin boots, or the snakeskin bags? You'll definitely love our collections. 

We love The Snake Rings!

Timeless and always in considerable vogue...The snake ring is a real must-have.
Whether in silver or stainless steel, brilliant gold or zirconia. The serpent ring will undoubtedly enhance your finger with style and modern elegance. Deliver a look of wildness by wearing these sensual jewels.

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The Snake Necklaces: A symbolic and unique jewellery

Jewellery retains sentimental value and is a mark of affection from the person who offers it to you. Our snake jewels are borrowed from tenacious memories and symbols. A snake necklace instantly becomes a real fashion accessory associated with a Snake, iconic symbol of elegance. Whether you want a simple or more sophisticated ornament, your favourite item is intimately bound to be on Snake-Vibe®

Discover our snake bracelets

Looking for rare gems? Or are you looking for a classic or rather original bracelet to accessorize your iconic outfit? What are you waiting for to browse through our extensive collection of Snake Bracelets?

snake print dress and top collection


The summer season is coming? Choose a sublime snake dress of quality!

Short or long sleeves? Flying or tight ? Winter or summer? Snake-Vibe offers you a wide range of dresses to suit all of your styles and desires!

Both sensual and pleasant, the snake pattern dress allows us to express our femininity while keeping our freedom of movement.

Our designer pieces will bring a touch of modernity to your outfits on all occasions. Clothes that have the simplicity of beautiful achievements, it is for all these reasons that it is necessary to have a snake dress in your dressing room!

Choosing a snake print dress means wanting to adopt a timeless look.


Discover our selection of bags, purses, satchels, and more!

For those looking for a durable bag, our collection of snakeskin bags is a real goldmine.

Designed in faux snakeskin leather which respects our environment and the animal world (Snake-Vibe is a shop committed to the protection of snakes and animals in general).

Our handbags have been created to be resistant and will accompany you for many years. Waterproof, these sturdy bags are perfect accessories for short walks in the city as well as for going on holiday!

The different sizes of bags offered by our shop offer infinite possibilities in terms of capacity.

snakeskin bag and purse collection